About LBD

Ladybird-digital (LBD) founded and operated by Ted Hutchins, is an Ottawa-based marketing, graphic design and advertising boutique/consultancy. With over 25 years marketing, advertising, and design experience, Ted has helped dozens upon dozens of companies achieve their branding, marketing and design goals.

Ted's commitment to quality, service and continued support has helped him build a reputation for caring about the client's business and a determination to see them achieve success. Read what the customers have to say about Ted.

Market experience:


  • alternative energy
  • advanced testing
  • electronics mfg.
  • fiber optics
  • simulations
  • optical scanners
  • precision optics
  • measurement
  • laser processing
  • semiconductor mfg.
  • military applications

Construction industry

  • design-build
  • land development
  • electrical contracting
  • general contracting
  • excavation
  • foundation repair
  • windows & doors sales
  • cabinetry
  • safety solutions

Government agencies & magazines

  • Canadian Industrial Development Agency
  • Canadian Forestry Association
  • Canadian Wildlife Federation
  • Canadian Geographic
  • CBC


  • business planning
  • accounting services
  • executive coaching
  • management coaching
  • employee procurement


  • advanced mfg.
  • automotive mfg.
  • aerospace mfg.
  • lasers & laser systems
  • industrial controls

Medical & Healthcare

  • hearing aid instrumentation
  • medical device mfg.
  • radiology equipment preservation
  • supplements & nutrition
  • Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario


  • life skills development
  • community living
  • public policy

High-quality professional graphic design, branding and marketing support for small companies looking to increase their brand and marketing efforts, but not able to support a full-time solution.