Why Ladybird-digital?

Traditional and Digital Marketing

We all know how dangerous it is to put all our eggs in one basket. Marketing and sales success is dependent on creating a balanced mix of combined digital and traditional marketing strategies. Depending on the part we play in your business strategy, we carefully weigh the opportunities and with over 25 years of graphic design and marketing experience, execute the design and implement the strategy on or off-line.

Experience & Insight

Public, private, start-up, short-term, long-term, acquisition, and exits... We’ve helped develop the strategies, managed the implementation, produced the collateral, policed the standards and promoted the position to get our clients exactly where they need to be.


Depending on the depth of your requirements, it's usually very essential that we get to know your competitors, your markets, and your industry. In doing so, we can identify marketing challenges and propose solutions that are not only practical but affordable, sustainable and measurable.

So, no matter what level of involvement you’re looking for, our experience and expertise can help streamline the process and avoid potential barriers saving you time and money.

Thinking like your customers

Understanding a market and its customers is the only way to make a necessary and meaningful customer connection when promoting a product or a service.

By understanding what your products or services offer and through competitive RESEARCH and ANALYSIS, we learn to THINK like your perfect customer, we help develop a product aligned perfect sales POSITION, we seek out optimal channel opportunities and PROMOTE your company, products or services consistently to BUILD recognizable brand awareness.


Quality makes all the difference, and it’s not just what you see, it’s also how you get there. Quality comes from the execution of perfected and simplified processes that define the task, enable the steps, complete the goals and achieve the rewards. Our passion for quality is evident in absolutely everything we do, every step of the way.

Exceptional Service

We take extra steps to ensure that we deliver exceptional high-quality products and services that exceed expectation. Always on time, always on budget and always to our client's requirements.

We want your business, so we’ll earn it. No compromise, if you are not happy with any part of our service process, or direction of a product, we'll fix it until it feels right for you. We follow-up after completed projects and we keep in touch to see what sort of results you are getting. YOUR SUCCESS IS OUR SUCCESS!

Experience is not what happens to a man; it is what a man does with what happens to him.