brand strength - it's not just a rating for smell, but some brands certainly do stink!
Building and maintaining brand equity over time is not an easy process. Companies can often lose their focus and purpose. A brand review can help keep everything and everyone going in the right direction.
Integrated marketing program
What is branding? We can explain the steps that go into a branding program, but it doesn't really express the scope of the tasks involved - Here's a visual example of what a typical implementation looks like.
living with or without a tagline
Although a tagline has the potential to add clarity and value to a brand, it's certainly not an essential brand component. In fact lots of companies couldn't be bothered, and for good reason!
Is it time to take your position?

To market your company, product, or service successfully, you need to identify, claim, and defend a unique competitive position in your target market. A position that is the most attractive to your potential customers, and that is in alignment with the value you provide.

Businesses have to making a great first impression

Whether you own it, or are employed by it, a business is a living creature with human attributes such as a personality, ambitions, a desire to be accepted, a reputation to uphold... So how do your customers see you, as a business?

diagram of branding touch points
As a brand strategy is pushed out by a company, it often adapts to environmental pressures that can potentially change or corrupt the desired perception of the brand.

In basic terms, a brand audit is the review in whole, or in part, of a company with respect to it's public perception to ensure the integrity of a company's purpose.

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Brand strength - how does your company measure up? Branding! We can tell you what it is, but it's better if you see it. Living with or without a tagline It's time to take a position! First impressions are everything! Brand audit, keeping it healthy