Claim n' Say web site planning strategy
When planning a website, many companies have high ambitions, however, a lack of commitment often creates a sporadic fizzle rather than a sustainable flow. An honest assessment of capabilities and budget will keep it real.
the Expressionengine web site solution

CMS website solutions have evolved into robust, feature-rich, versatile and affordable web publishing systems. They are not all the same, in fact, some aren't even playing in the same game.

SEO - Climbing over the fold

The search engine results page (SERP) climb above and beyond the fold - it's an never-ending, always-changing reach from a pit of doom! Do it right, and stand the test of time - 45 easy SEO fixes.

Google has it changed it's desktop SERP. So how will that affect Google search users? What about Adwords customers? Now that our old ideas have been shattered, is it time for some new SEO & PPC thinking?

Man! I'm so tired of looking for stuff, my eyes are popping out of my head!

A customer is on your site, you have what they are looking for, but they can't find it Fast enough!

OPPS, they're gone! AHHHH!

On-page font adjustment graphic

Many browsers offer the ability to zoom in and out of a page, and some even allow for the ability to set a text only zoom within the browser preferences. So why consider an on-page font-size adjuster?

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