Adding a signature to your e-mail is easy, or is it? There are a couple of ways to add a signature to a e-mail application, but the results may not be what you expect.

HTML email signatures (Apple devices)

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When trying to add an HTML signature, surprisingly, you will get the best results (most stable) by taking a step backward and using tables to format your content.

Signature Instructions (Apple Mail OSX 10.9.5)

  1. For each individual, copy the signature HTML code from source files below head to body
  2. Go to Mail Preferences
  3. Click on the + to ad new signature and name appropriately
  4. Go to Users/Preferences/Mail/MailData/Signatures (Mavericks)
  5. Find the most recently modified .mailsignature, it will be in this type of format ( A2D01523-21D5-43AA-8E96-71B2C225F706.mailsignature) and open it up in an HTML editor. You will see a few metadata lines on the top of the file and some html code below it. Keep the top metadata lines, but replace the html in the file with copy from step 1. Note previous OSX versions may differ slightly
  6. Save the file
  7. Restart the mail application
  8. Check to see if the signature is OK by opening a new e-mail and selecting the new signature

Signature Instructions (iphone/iPad iOS7-iOS8)

  1. Send an email to the device required from Mail (computer) that includes the signature
  2. Select and copy the signature (use the copy knobs)
  3. Navigate to the iOS Settings App, then to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”, then to “Signatures” Here you can paste your signature for SPSS email account. Tap twice in the empty box and select “Paste” from the popup menu. (note signature may not look right) Apple tries to enhance signature
  4. Shake your device until an “Undo Change Attributes” screen shows and select undo

That should do it. Now compose an e-mail message to see if the signature is in place.


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