brand strength - is measured by both external and internal variables

Building and maintaining brand equity over time is not an easy process, businesses often lose focus and purpose which slowly erodes the value of the brand. A review of a company's public brand collateral and customer touchpoints can help keep the business and those working for it, going in the positive direction.

Position - takes more than practice to get it right

To market your company, product, or service successfully, you need to identify, claim, and defend a unique competitive position in your target market. A position that is the most attractive to your potential customers, and that is in alignment with the value you provide.

basic marketing plan tactics diagram
Operating without a marketing plan can put huge stresses on a business, creating a reactive environment that prematurely depletes budgets, is difficult to document ROI, and often produces results that may be off-message.
Man! I'm so tired of looking for stuff, my eyes are popping out of my head!

A customer is on your site, you have what they are looking for, but they can't find it FAST enough! OPPS, they're gone! AHHHH!

SEO - Climbing over the fold

The search engine results page (SERP) climb above and beyond the fold - it's an never-ending, always-changing reach from a pit of doom! Do it right, and stand the test of time - 45 easy SEO fixes.

What CMS is best for you

Website content management solutions have evolved into robust, stable, feature-rich, versatile and affordable on-line publishing systems. But they are not all the same, in fact, many aren't even playing in the same game. Choosing the right CMS depends on numerous unique business requirements.

diagram of branding touch points

As a brand strategy is pushed out by a company, it often adapts to environmental pressures that can potentially change or corrupt the desired perception of the brand.

A brand audit is a review in whole, or in part, of a company with respect to its public perception for the purpose of repairing negative issues that may be affecting bottom-line results.

Do you need a tagline

A tagline has the potential to add clarity and value to a brand, but it's certainly not an essential brand component. In fact, lots of companies couldn't be bothered, and for good reason!

First impressions are everything

Whether you own it, are employed by it, or just visiting it, a business is a living creature with human attributes such as personality, hygiene, style and goals, as well as physical and emotional needs. And along with all that, a business has a perceived positive or negative disposition that can determine whether a customer will do business with you now or in the future.

Integrated marketing program
What is branding? We can explain the steps that go into a branding program, but it doesn't really express the scope of the tasks involved - Here's a visual example of what a typical implementation looks like.
broken lightbulb - broken ideas

Google has it changed it's desktop SERP. So how will that affect Google search users? What about Adwords customers? Now that our old ideas have been shattered, is it time for some new SEO & PPC thinking?

On-page font adjustment graphic

Many browsers offer the ability to zoom in and out of a page, and some even allow for the ability to set a text only zoom within the browser preferences. So why consider an on-page font-size adjuster?

ladybird digital logo symbol
You would probably expect to see a ladybug. Nope, no cute little beetles here.
image of male ladybird spider

Ladybird-digital - We're taking an abstract idea and turning it into a brand. A new name, a new look. Same high-quality, standards, philosophy, services and support that Hutchins Crang Marketing Group clients have come to trust for almost a decade.

Ladybird-digital - the abstract idea

Companies change, partners move on, directions are redirected... it's almost inevitable. And sometimes those changes have a profound effect on many aspects of a company, including its name and identity. Time to re-brand? Is it ever a good time to re-brand? Our re-brand story.

promises, promises

Marketers like to use words like compelling and engaging to explain the underlying intent of a marketing piece in order to try to hook prospects in with dazzling features and benefits to give them a reason to want your product or service.

apples to apples

Competitive analysis - Knowing what your competitors have to offer just makes sense. But you'd be surprised just how many companies guess and get it wrong, and it hurts! Maybe it's time to pear up?

illustration - if it's hard to say it, show it

Strong visuals reinforce your business and marketing goals and support your sales and training objectives. They can be great motivators setting the tone, clarifying, defining and do much more.