Whether you own it, or are employed by it, a business is a living creature with human attributes such as a personality, ambitions, a desire to be accepted, a reputation to uphold... So how do your customers see you, as a business?

First impressions are everything!

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Don't overlook the obvious

Understanding just how important it is to make a good impression on a customer, is often overlooked by many developing businesses, because key personnel are just too busy tending to day-to-day operational procedures.

Try on someone else's shoes

To fully appreciate what kind of an impression your business is making, you need to think like your customers. What do they think when they meet your business for the first time - at the shop, in an ad, on the internet? Do they see you for who you are, what you strive to be - or do they see something completely different?

We are all nit-pickers

Impressions start at a very primal level, and although probably only a few of us are still picking nits out of each others hair, each and every one of us is judging everything and everyone that crosses our path. It is so innate that we rarely consciously think about it. At a seemingly incredible rate of 2-3 thoughts per second, we're outputting about 30,000 thoughts per day. Can you imagine the mental checklist that is being filled out as a customer does business with you.

The process of elimination

In a world dominated by often critical, cynical, skeptical and subjective thought, you might think you have some pretty colossal barriers to jump. You are right, but there are some pretty basic things that you, as a business can do and practice to make it easier on yourself by ensuring a positive impression. Don't give your customers a reason to cross you off their list.

Understand your own marketing

  • Know and understand what you do best and better than the competition
  • Pay attention to the finest of details, right down to the front-line staff
  • Utilize an integrated marking approach so you can see the big picture
  • Always present the company consistently in terms of position, philosophy and values
  • Listen to what your customers are saying
  • Walking-the-talk (practice what you preach - everyone, the whole company)
  • If there's something wrong with the way your customers see your business, don't ignore it, take steps to fix it right away

Have your own ideas about what it takes to make that great first marketing impression? I'd love to hear about your experiences.


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