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image of male ladybird spider

Ladybird-digital - We're taking an abstract idea and turning it into a brand. A new name, a new look. Same high-quality, standards, philosophy, services and support that Hutchins Crang Marketing Group clients have come to trust for almost a decade.

It's Official

October 28th, 2015, the Hutchins Crang Marketing Group became Ladybird-digital!

Company names have a lot to say

It's funny, how people are curiously drawn to the origin of a company name - that makes for good story telling.

Stating the passion!

I've watched many companies travel the path to discovering a name. And with few exceptions, it's almost always a similar story of excitement, passion and enlightened meaning, ridicule and criticism, and in the end a relieving group consensus.

Fortunately for me, I only had to fight with myself to find a name. Even so, no matter whether you are 1 or 10, finding a name for a company is a challenge and an opportunity.

Finding the connection!

Picking a name for a company can be a gruelling process. So many good names have been already taken, and when you do find one, the domain is being already used, and then your back to square one again! But, sometimes company names just happen.

The obvious!

I struggled with all kinds of inspirational names that suggested creativity, attention to detail, commitment… And at one time, I considered giving up, and then one day I noticed a street sign “Ladybirds Crescent,” and there it was plain as day, the street location for the business.


While researching, Ladybird, I discovered the Ladybird Spider, a beautiful rare spider found in various locations throughout northern Europe and the UK. Known for its eye-popping orange and dark grey colouring, it would be accurately representative in a digital market that regularly throws around the concept of a spider.


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