Great branding creates familiarity, trust and confidence that can lead to a mutually benificial relationship between a customer and a brand.

We help build brands by managing what the customer sees, feels and says


Whether you're trying to build a new brand or rejuvenate an existing brand - we can help you identify problem areas and develop key brand-building strategies that are specific to your unique business situation.

We'll help:

  • Communicate your true differentiating competitive value
  • Establish consistent customer-focused online & offline processes that will build customer trust
  • Ensure you are delivering consistent messaging and visual representation in everything you do.

Simply put, we'll help you build your brand in the mind and hearts of your customers, prospects and stakeholders so that they will appreciate or buy from you.

Our branding services include:

Brand Audit

Lingering and ignored problems, eat away at a brand's strength - An audit is a checkup that can fix small issues before they become big

Over time companies face a variety of internal and external changes. Often these changes cause inconsistencies in product integrity, customer services, company messaging and brand perception - potentially leaving customers, stakeholders and employees confused on what the brand is all about.

We take an outside-looking-in approach to analysing brand issues and proposing potential solutions that can help get a brand back on track.

  • Positive & negative stakeholder perception
  • Contradictory messaging inconstancies
  • Visual brand issues
  • Repuation
  • Internal process issues and how they affect brand perception
  • New opportunities
  • Competitive threats

There are many effectors that determine whether a brand is successful or not. Contact Ladybird-digital today for a free objective brand evaluation.

Identity Development

Visually represent your idea or brand, reflect your message

We help you stand out from the competition and resonate within your target market by creating memorable visual solutions that visually brand your corporate and marketing requirements and help make an exceptional first impression.

  • Logo development (company, product, theme)
  • Stationary and business card design
  • Brand guidelines and standards
  • Collateral development

Make it easy for people to understand why they should buy from you rather than someone else.

Whether it’s quality, price, fast delivery, best service… if a prospect cannot see where you shine better than the competition, then you are minimising the chance of winning that customers business.

  • Positioning statement
  • Mission & vision development (internal and external)
  • Message development
  • Tagline development

Define or improve your competitive position and communicate it with effective messaging wherever opportunities present themselves.

Brand Management


One of the most difficult tasks in branding is brand management - ensuring that everything that is done in the public world at least is aligned with the brand strategy. It includes the messaging, the use of colours, the tone of voice and the proper use of the logo.

Brand Standards

There are several ways to make sure the brand is being represented correctly but at the very least a set of simple rules to ensure that all questions regarding how branding materials can be used or not used are.

The scope of identity standards guideline depends on the level of marketing activities a company participates in. A small business may only need a few pages that define acceptable usage of the logo, while larger corporations may need to apply the standards to a huge arsenal of marketing and branding activities.

  • Identity development and guidelines (logo use and placement)
  • Messaging guidelines (standard long and short positioning statements)
  • Guidelines and templates for advertisements, brochures, datasheets, tradeshow booths and more

If your marketing and identity materials seem to be all over the place, maybe it's time to reel everything in and implement a standard. Need help? Contact Ladybird-digital for a free brand evaluation.

More than just a painted symbol attached to a company's name, a brand is an inherent persona that starts within a company and is projected out. Branding is the discipline of trying to make sure that every brand experience is meaningful and positive. For a free objective brand evaluation, contact Ladybird-digital today.