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Brand grouping sample - GLEQ


As the GLEQ matured and prepared for a round of new fundraising in a difficult economic climate, they turned to us for assistance in re-branding the organization, creating a sponsorship program, and updating collateral material. We developed a logo, stationary and colour pallet to reflect the aspirations of the organization and its geographical place in the Great Lakes region.

We then developed program collateral, advertisements, and a sponsorship program that included potential sponsor targeting, sponsorship messaging, an adaptable presentation, a sponsorship booklet, enrollment forms, and packaging.

  1. New corporate identity
  2. Capability brochure
  3. Services flyer
  4. Sponsorship brochure
  5. Advertisements
  6. Stationary envelopes & business cards
  7. PowerPoint presentations
  8. Forms
  9. Event promotion all material
  10. e-mailers
  11. Kit folder
  12. Proposal formatting