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Brand grouping sample - Urban Solar Corporation


Urban Solar Corporation, provides solar solutions for transit to clients throughout North America. The business got off to a great start before Urban Solar Corporation had a chance to establish a visual identity.

The list of identity requirements was short, it had to be friendly, bold, obvious and unique. It had to be consistent with market imagery and it would have to integrate easily into all collateral materials.

During the development process several directions were explored, marketing scenarios were worked out and 8 concepts were presented. The resulting logo was picked from the initial set of concepts with only minor changes required. The cityscape used in much of the USC's collateral was adopted and modified from one of the original logo concepts that were presented.

  1. Logo development and design
  2. Brand support element
  3. Stationary, envelopes & business cards
  4. ExpressionEngine CMS web site
  5. E-new letter template
  6. Mobile-friendly sub-site
  7. Data sheet design
  8. PowerPoint presentation template
  9. Trade show banners
  10. Manual covers
  11. Tri-fold corporate brochure
  12. Advertisement

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