Strategy & Planning

A goal without a plan is just a wish!

Imagine if you could reach every potential customer in your target market at every opportunity in time. Imagine if your message had perfect resonance and could convince them that your product is supreme. Now imagine the hordes of eager consumers rushing to buy your products or services. Then imagine what that vision would cost.

Understanding budget and logistical limitations will allow you to come up with a realistic strategy and plan to maximize results. In doing so you’ll keep your imagination under control, your budget in check, your plans on-track and your strategy producing measurable results to prove you are doing it right.


Competitive analysis

A competitive analysis is an essential component of every marketing strategy. Its intent is to provide a comparison and assessment of the competition as it relates to your company and product offerings, and it helps lay the foundation to a competitive marketing strategy.

Understanding who your company is in its competitive environment will help you put marketing and promotional steps in place so that you can prove your product's value.

This analysis:
  • identifies competitive threats and weaknesses
  • identifies market and marketing opportunities
  • identifies problem process, product and service areas
  • provides insight and potential updates for a more favorable marketing position
  • provides support for an effective marketing strategy and plan
It's part of our process

Depending on the level of required services, understanding your market, customers, your competition is absolutely essential, and it's all a part how we find the right solution to your marketing requirements.

So if you need a website, an advertising campaign, a social media program... we'll come up with a competitive solution that promotes a strong position, connects with your customers and shows a positive differentiation over your competition.


Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy's ultimate goal is to increase sales and promote a competitive advantage. And depending on the size of your company, the competition and the uniqueness of your products, that can be a very tall order.

Generally speaking, there are a great many variables that need to be addressed before an truly effective strategy can be developed. Most companies analyze these variables in their business plan at the formation of their company, but markets change, technologies change, requirements change... and before long many companies find themselves grasping at marketing opportunities and firing cannons off in all directions hoping to get a hit.

Marketing opportunities are endless and sometimes trendy, and just because everyone out there is pursuing the latest and greatest advancement, it doesn't mean it'll be right for your company. So, what is right for your company? That depends on the variables mentioned above, but no matter what you are considering, the general rule is (and has been for so long). If you can't measure it, why are you doing it?

How can we help?

With over 25 years assisting companies with all their strategic, tactical and collateral needs, we've found there's really only one thing that determines strategy and the ability to execute it, and that's budget. You can't implement a strategy if you run out of money? What a great place to start a conversation! Give us a call, let's talk.


The marketing plan

ORGANIZE IT - Good marketing is all about being organized and able to find and connect the dots. It's a commitment to charting a course that will ensure that all the marketing support requirements will be in place when they are needed and that your strategy will not run out of steam before it gets to its destination.

A well thought-out marketing plan will support the objectives laid out in your business plan. It will help you focus on marketing tactics that have the optimal potential for achieving your business goals, and it ensures that all activities work together to support the big picture within a predetermined budget.

Tired of anxieties related to marketing disorganization? Want to ensure you are building a solid foundation for your brand? A marketing plan just makes sense, we can help!



Implementation is by far the easiest part of any strategy, that is if you have a strategy. Research, strategy, direction and planning lay the foundation to a sustainable and successful implementation. If everything has been laid out in the right order, priorities are taken care of and resources are taken advantage of in order to meet the requirements.

The sole purpose of our strategy and our planning is so that we can implement with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.

Sun Tzu
Strategist, Art of War