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Website design, graphic design & marketing communications solutions

Ladybird-digital is an Ottawa-based boutique creative studio committed to providing valued customer service and quality results-oriented solutions in everything it does. If you are interested in building your brand’s awareness or in creating more meaningful connections with your customers, then Ladybird-digital might be a perfect fit for your small or medium-sized business. Let’s talk and find out.

Full-service Creative


planning and strategy

Marketing your product or service takes a lot more than just doing it. It’s got to be the right tactic, with the right message, to the right people at the right time. Fail on any one of these items and you just created waste. We’ll sharpen it, time it, send it and measure it.


brand development

Your brand needs to be in alignment with your market, what you do, why you do it and why you’re better than the competition. That’s the story your customers need to know. We help make them see you, hear you, remember you, and love you.

Website Design

website design and development

The internet is full of fast, inexpensive, easy solutions to building a website, but will it actually get you the business success you’re looking for? We build websites that are flexible in design, loaded with relevant SEO optimized content and easy to manage.