Add more senses to your infographic

Add senses to your infographic - Video infographic

A static infographic is a great way to visually explain a subject, but what if it could be taken to an even more sensuous level - eliminating the need to scroll, to zoom or to click? What if you could add motion, animation, music and sound effects to stimulate the senses? You can, it's called a "video infographic".

With a video infographic - your audience will appreciate your story more. It'll be easier to watch, easier to comprehend, more entertaining, and more memorable.

Cost savings

Unlike traditional film video, a video infographic doesn't require an excessive actor budget, nor high-cost audio/video production equipment. In fact, when creating a video infographic, we use the same illustration tools that are used to create static infographics, along with some basic audio mixing software. An average video infographic produced by Ladybird-digital will cost about $10/second (photos) and $15/second (custom illustration/animation) depending on requirements. Effective video infographics are typically 60-120 seconds in length.

No limits

No matter what you want, if you can describe it, we can illustrate it, or animate it. And we can set a perfect tone with the right music, imagery style, colours and text narrative.

Here are some examples of Ladybird-digital produced 4K video infographics

About Ladybird-digital

We create custom video infographics designed to capture your customer's attention making a great impression and inspiring them to want more. Individually or in series, distinctively branded video infographics are perfect for your website, blog, social media, Youtube, Vimeo, and for sharing.

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