ExpressionEngine - now free open-source

ExpressionEngine is now free

I've always been a big fan of ExpressionEngine, and although I have dozens of clients who've chosen EE over free open-source CMS applications such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla, the cost of EE's commercial CMS has always made it a little more difficult to negotiate an EE implementation - NOT ANYMORE!!!

What does branding look like?

There are plenty of things to see when we look at branding, but there are also lots of behind-the-scenes components that we do not. This short video will give you some idea as to what a branding implementation looks like, including some of the things that most people do not see.

Choosing the right website content management solution for you

What CMS is best for you

Many website content management system (CMS) solutions have evolved into robust, feature-rich and free/affordable online publishing systems. But they are not all the same, in fact, many aren't even playing in the same game. Choosing the right CMS by considering your current and future business requirements will ensure the solution you pick will serve you well for a long time.

Back-engineering your SEO is expensive, build it into your website from the start

Unfortunately, many companies ignore SEO when they initially contract for the creation of a new website, it can be a bit of a chore and it's an added expense that can always be dealt with at a later date. However, often these companies never return to address the issue, resulting in poor page ranking on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

ExpressionEngine - Pros & Cons

ExpressionEngine is a perfect solution for any small business that needs a simple marketing website, or a complex enterprise level organisation that needs lots of technical content. ExpressionEngine can serve both purposes well. And a good website designer or developer can build in optimised simplicity to the administrative interface.

Share it easier - Open Graph Protocol

Open Graph Logo

Open Graph is a hidden metadata component that can be placed on an individual web page. It allows the website designer to control what content is in the share window when a webpage is shared. The shared content can be customized to efficiently summarize the content with an appropriate marketing message and specified photo.

If you can't say it, illustrate it!

illustration - if it's hard to say it, illustrate it

Strong visuals can reinforce your business and marketing goals as well as support your sales and training objectives. Made-for-you, custom images can express exactly what you are thinking - they are great motivators that set a tone, create a mood, match your brand, clarify your details, tell a story and they create interest while visually stimulating your customers.

Add more senses to your infographic

Add senses to your infographic - Video infographic

A static infographic is a great way to visually explain a subject, but what if it could be taken to an even more sensuous level - eliminating the need to scroll, to zoom or to click? What if you could add motion, animation, music and sound effects to stimulate the senses? You can, it's called a "video infographic".

Get even more out of your infographic!

repurposing infographic content

Over the last decade visual content on-and-off the internet has increased at a phenomenal rate - it's everywhere! If you're like many business owners competing for customers over the internet, then you know the more places you are seen, the better your chances of increasing your revenue stream.

Druple - Pros & Cons

Drupal is a CMS that was made for PHP developers, it is a free developer friendly open source platform . The script has a very specific coding environment that could be described as more of programmer's platform than a simple CMS script.