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ExpressionEngine is a top-ranked, flexible, user-friendly open-sourced commercial website content management platform that allows us to "build" custom websites rather than "build around a process" to create a custom website.

Expressionengine is and exceptional website CMS solution

Powerful, secure & easy-to-use!

ExpressionEngine is one of the most powerful content management systems available on the market. Powerful enough to manage hundreds of content-rich web pages, but economical enough to manage a small marketing website that's poised to grow.

There are no pre-formatted administrative obstacles to inhibit the design or functionality of the website, in fact, our customized website development process means that there are no extraneous distractions to get lost in. Every administrative field, tab and instruction is catered exactly for your business.

It's so easy to use we can have you fully trained and be making your own content changes within 15 minutes of the launch.

No, really! It is so easy to use:

Everything you'll ever need to manage your website is separated in the control panel from the developer tools. There are actually only 2 dropdown menus "Create" and "Edit" to think about - they open form-based pages that correspond to web pages - These input pages contain complete content needed to populate the web page including SEO, open-graph and rich snippet information.

We make it even easier by optimizing the control panel so that you can find exactly what you are looking for.

It's so simple!!!

  • Responsive format means you can edit content from your preferred device
  • Intuitive administrative control panel
  • Content input field process. Page compnents are broken down into fields making it quicker and easier to manage your pages
  • Automation adds content to all pages associated with entry
  • Global variables such as phone, address, emails addresses update site wide.
  • Upload images and tag them from the input form


  • Every install comes with documentation specific to each unique custom website
  • Each install comes with a twenty minute (on-the-phone or at our office) training session
  • We're here during regular business answers to answer questions or help you out if you have any problems
expressionengine-interface example

Uniquely customized to your specific business:

There are absolutely no design constrictions. We build pages in HTML, then add ExpressionEngine tags to pull the content information in from the database.

The PHP minds it's own business

Unlike other CMS solutions such as WordPress, the PHP programming in ExpressionEngine is all behind the scenes and is treated as a separate level of development, rarely needing adjustment.

We spend more time on what matters

Because we don't have to integrate the design with the PHP and test it, we are able to spend more time on the content, layout and design of the site.

Our standardized process gets your business to the top:

We've been building ExpressionEngine CMS websites for over 10 years. We can put a site together quickly and efficiently and we pay close attention to simplifying the process for the site manager. We always perform a competitive analysis before we develop your site, with the goal of making your site competitively superior.


  • Responsive device formatting
  • HTML 5, CSS 3.0
  • On-site search engine
  • Solspace Freeform Module
  • Mailing list


  • Cross browser & device testing
  • W3C standards
  • Google speedtest optimized

Pages that are rich in SEO:

SEO is a breeze, each admin page includes everything you could need, just fill in the blank fields or edit the specific SEO info, submit, and it's done. We build it into the process, it's not a plugin, so it's guaranteed to work right.

  • Easy to follow automated SEO fields for every page
  • Integrate tag for whatever you need including accessibility requirements

Security & Stability:

  • Open source commercial application
  • Localized security researchers, committed to a continuous improvement process
  • Simple update process
  • Software version, database and associated files are backedup and stroed at Ladybird-digital jus in case you have an unretievable accident
  • ExpressionEngine community support

ExpressionEngine is a commercially available CMS. There is a small cost associated with it, however, the savings in development time, the creative flexibility and application stability more than make up for the initial investment. In fact our ExpressionEngine design & development solution is often less expensive than competing WordPress CMS design & development solutions offered by other development firms.

If you've heard good things about ExpressionEngine and know it's the way to go, contact us. We've been developing ExpressionEngine Websites for over 10 years.

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