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The quickest way to get on the first search engine results page (SERP) is through PPC. But getting there is not as simple as it sounds.

pay-per-click advertising

First Page Exposure

Google and Bing PPC advertising offer businesses with low SERP rankings, an almost immediate opportunity to appear on the first page of a search engine keyword phrase query. However, as general rule, true success is only achieved when:

  1. Your keyword triggers an ad
  2. Your ad is placed in a prime position on the SERP page
  3. A customer clicks on the ad and finds what they are looking for
  4. They perform a desired action such as completing a form or making a call
  5. You pay the least amount possible on your bid

We call the process of making a PPC program work better, optimization, it is achieved by maximizing the relevant connection between keywords, ads and landing pages. The stronger the connection:

  • The higher the keyword quality score.
  • The higher the quality score the lower the bid cost for premier ad placement
  • The more relevant and appealing the content on a landing page, the better the chances of a customer contacting you.

Basic steps to implementing a successful PPC program

Know Your Business

Serve the customer what they want

It's of vital importance that your PPC program be managed by someone who understands your business, otherwise, you may be paying for ineffectual clicks, excessive initial optimization costs, and lost opportunities.

We take the time to learn everything we can about your business, your products, your markets and your competition. We look at your position and capitalize on its strengths in the context of what the customer wants.

Choose a Strategy

Making it work for you

Choosing the right strategy for your business depends on the nature of your business, your business goals and your budget. We can help you cater a strategy that will best suit your needs.

Typical strategy questions

  • Where do you want to show your ads? Internationally or locally?
  • When do you want your ads to show? During business hours? Or during specific times or days during the week?
  • What are your PPC goals? Branding, to increase website activity, to generate leads?
  • Do you want to run your ads on a search network, display network or both?
  • What will your monthly budget be?

Building Relevance

Figuring out the right stuff

Preparation, planning and proper initial setup are critical to creating and maintaining an effective PPC program. Planning helps filter out waste and makes sure that you are getting clicks from people who are actually interested in buying your products.

  • We create and scrutinize an initial keyword list
  • Irrelevant but similar keywords are added to a negative keyword list
  • Keywords are categorized into related groups
  • Existing content (landing pages) are tweaked to match keywords
  • New content and landing pages are ceated as required

Our goal is to maximize keyword quality scores - high scores indicate relevance and helps drive a successful PPC program.

Measure Results

Both Google Adwords and Bing Ads provide the ability track PPC results through various reports and general stats and billing information. And it's possible to get even more detail on what's going on through analytic applications such as Google analytics. Information like:

  • Conversions (calls from an ad, form submission or downloads)
  • Impressions how many times an ad has show on a search network
  • Geographic location
  • Demographics

If we are contracted to maintain a PPC program for a client we supply a report at the end of each month detailing relevantly usable information about goal progress and strategies moving forward.

Continuous Optimization

Optimize for quality and relevance

Making a PPC program work is a constant challenge, popular keyword phrase become too expensive so alternatives have to be found. Low competitive words become competitive.

  • Select the right keyword phrases
  • Filter out the wrong keyword phrase (negative keywords)
  • Break down the keywords into categories and ad groups
  • Create landing pages that are based on your ad groups
  • Match your bid strategy and advertising options to your goals
  • Set your conversion requirements
  • Implement, test, measure & maintain

Once your PPC program is running, we can help you manage the process on an ongoing basis. We can change your strategy or pause your entire account at any time. And if you are up to the challenge of managing your account on your own, we can provide training so you can do that as well.

If you are looking for increased visibility and SERP ranking goal success out of the gate. Give us a call, we'd love to help get set up right!

Need help setting up or managing a PPC program?