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ladybird digital logo symbol

Last Updated: 2017-Apr-14

This is us! The Ladybird-digital logo - it's a he, not a not she - and he's not a ladybug, he's a spider.
image of male ladybird spider

Last Updated: 2017-Apr-13

Ladybird-digital - A new name, a new look, same high-quality services & support that Hutchins Crang Marketing Group clients have come to expect and trust for almost a decade.

Ladybird-digital - An abstract concept becomes reality

Last Updated: 2017-Apr-12

Rebranding can be a very exciting & rejuvenating process when it's the right thing to do. In our case (Hutchins Crang Marketing Group), the thought of rebranding felt like we were unwillingly fixing something that wasn't really broken.