Our business strategy -
Results-driven quality,
NOT quantity


Though you'll notice "we" in our description, it's important to mention that Ladybird Digital is a one-person (Edward "Ted" Hutchins) marketing and graphic design powerhouse. Based in Stittsville (Ottawa), Canada. We're dedicated to serving:

Small and medium-sized companies

This is perfect for companies that do not have in-house resources and are seeking assistance with their marketing communications or graphic design requirements.


Seeking a dependable trustworthy partner to supplement or complement their in-house capabilities.

With over 30 years of diverse experience across various public and private marketing domains, including high-tech, construction, start-ups, and non-profits, we're here to weave a tailored web of success for you and your business.

Strategic mindset


You don't have to be big to achieve colossally positive results - with our extensive experience within and externally to companies just like yours, we've become experts at unearthing superior promotional opportunities and rooting out waste. Our past experiences have yielded valuable strategic insights, shedding light on successful approaches, pitfalls to avoid, and the most effective avenues for maximizing your marketing investments.

Our primary objective is to deliver solutions that seamlessly align with your brand and messaging, ensuring your company and product strengths shine through. We're passionate about cultivating long-term relationships with our clients and nurturing mutual success over time.

Building connections


When it comes to building a brand and promoting products, there are plenty of dots that need to be connected - to your customers, to the channels, to your marketing plan, to your vendors, and to your stakeholders... We're veteran dot connectors, we've implemented tactics in virtually every marketing channel within a broad range of industries. So when it comes to connections, we'll help you make them faster, more meaningful, and more effective.

Innovation, strategy & results


Unlocking the door to success often requires a partner you can rely on. When we embark on a business relationship, your grand vision becomes our shared journey. We're not just in it for today – we're committed to nurturing your success for the long haul. Expect us to go the extra mile, consistently exceeding your expectations and ensuring your perpetual delight with the results we achieve together.

Got a project coming up?


Step into a web of creative possibilities.

Let us help you spin a strategy that will weave your marketing and branding goals into a captivating story, or let us help build your next marketing & sales piece.

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