Graphic Design

graphic design

Get noticed and maximise the impact & appeal of your marketing and sales collateral through balanced design and content

Professional graphic design creates a balance between visual layout and messaging for the purpose of creating interest, reinforcing a position and clarifying content.

With over 25 years design and print experience we produce design materials that print perfectly to exact specifications without any surprises.

Good design increases the probability of getting noticed and stays in the mind and heart longer.


Make a tangible, informative and lasting impression

Printed materials offer your customers a refreshing change to the usual.

  • Booklets, brochures & flyers
  • Data sheets, cut sheets & application notes
  • Door hangers and post cards
  • Mailers and promotional pieces

From initial concepts to copywriting to the final printed piece. We'll get you through the process and ensure professional results that get noticed.

Posters & Graphics

Visual graphics...

Whether you need trade show graphics or are looking to beautify a workplace environment, we'll help you bring your ideas, products, processes to life.

  • Posters
  • Banners
  • Pop-up booth graphics
  • Infographic panels
  • Wallpaper murals
  • Lobby or hallway graphics
  • Plaques and certificates

Grab your audience's attention and make a memorable impression. Call us for a free quote.


Illustration, got an idea,
but can't visualize it?

Transpose a thought into visual reality. Set the style, tone, and mood! Tell a story, add excitement or complement a message!

Professional, creative, eye-catching and visually balanced illustrations make everything look more interesting and helps to simplify a complicated technical world.

  • Infographics
  • Process diagrams
  • Conceptual prototypes
  • Technical renderings
  • Exploded or break away diagrams
  • Application collages
  • Customized backgrounds
  • Secondary brand elements
  • Animations

We combine creativity with technical relevance and marketing expertise to produce visually significant illustrated solutions.

Logo Design

Logo Development

Your logo identity is a big part of building a brand, and in today's world of visual noise, you need to stand out from the clutter, distinguish you from the competition, belong to your target market and replicate for whatever purpose you might need.

Ladybird-digital offers custom logo design services that are grounded in a traditional process designed to help the client come up with a truly original identity that is as unique as their business.

  • Logos
  • Symbols
  • Icons
  • Wordmarks

We combine creativity with market relevance and marketing expertise to produce visually significant logo development solutions.


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We help our clients acheive their business goals through consitant visual branding, quality graphic design and succinct messaging.