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Do you know your best marketing position!

Last Updated: 2017-Apr-26

To market your company, product, or service successfully, you need to identify, claim, and defend a unique competitive position in your target market. A position that is the most attractive to your potential customers and that is in alignment with the value you provide.

integrated marketing diagram, the foundation of a marketing plan

Last Updated: 2017-Apr-26

Operating without a marketing plan can put huge pressure's on a business. Resulting in a stressful reactive environment that prematurely depletes budgets, makes it difficult to determine ROI and often produces off-brand messaging.
apples to apples - what's your difference

Last Updated: 2017-Apr-11

Your customers need to know what makes you better than all the rest? Can you answer that question? If the answer is no, you are way overdue for a competitive analysis.