Guide to Crafting an Effective Infographic: 14 Steps from Concept to Sharing

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, the power of visual communication cannot be underestimated. Infographics, with their ability to convey complex information in a visually appealing manner, have become a staple in various fields, from education to marketing. This guide takes you through a 14-step journey from conceptualizing your infographic to sharing it with your target audience. Each step is meticulously crafted to ensure your infographic not only captures attention but also effectively delivers its intended message.

Why its difficult to price an infographic without detailed requirements

While potential clients often seek precise pricing for infographics, the intricate nature of our work makes it a challenge to provide fixed figures. The convergence of factors such as project complexity, design preferences, revision expectations, usage parameters, timeline, interactive elements, content depth, additional services, and budget considerations creates an out-of-focus blur on the pricing landscape.

Determining the cost of an infographic

Determining what to charge for an infographic can be a challenging task, but several factors can help arrive at a fair and competitive price. We consider the following steps to establish a pricing structure for your infographics:

Infographics: 10 things you should know before you start one

10 things to know before you create an infographic

Knowing exactly what you want in an infographic before you contact a designer will help you get a quote rather than an estimate, and it will help maximize the efficiency of your project as a whole. Here are 10 things you should know before you start your infographic project.

Add more senses to your infographic

Add senses to your infographic - Video infographic

A static infographic is a great way to visually explain a subject, but what if it could be taken to an even more sensuous level - eliminating the need to scroll, to zoom or to click? What if you could add motion, animation, music and sound effects to stimulate the senses? You can, it's called a "video infographic".

Get even more out of your infographic!

repurposing infographic content

Over the last decade visual content on-and-off the internet has increased at a phenomenal rate - it's everywhere! If you're like many business owners competing for customers over the internet, then you know the more places you are seen, the better your chances of increasing your revenue stream.

Infographics - Thousands of years in evolution


Whether there's a unique process that makes your products special, or a complex procedure that’s difficult to explain. Infographics ease the need to put it into words and makes it simple for the customer to understand. Not only that but, an infographic can open up a whole new world of content exposure that helps you rank your website better online.