Determining the cost of an infographic

Determining what to charge for an infographic can be a challenging task, but several factors can help arrive at a fair and competitive price. We consider the following steps to establish a pricing structure for your infographics:

Scope of Work

  • Assessment of the complexity and size of the infographic project
  • Number of sections or chapters
  • Amount of data to visualize
  • Level of research required
  • Volume of illustrations will influence the workload

Time and Effort

  • We estimate the time and effort it will take to complete the infographic.
  • Research
  • Design
  • Revisions
  • Coordination with clients or stakeholders

Expertise and Experience

  • Our level of expertise and experience in creating infographics

Market Rates

  • We have researched the prevailing rates for infographic design in your industry and location
  • Rates are listed in our quotes

Value and Impact

  • We consider the value and impact of the infographic for the client

Additional Services

  • Additional services required, such as data research, content writing, or consultation, are included in the package
  • These services might affect the overall price

Usage and Licensing

  • We consider whether the usage rights are exclusive or non-exclusive, as this can affect the pricing

Client's Budget

  • Understand the client's budget for the project
  • We negotiate pricing within the client's budget can lead to better negotiations

Breakdown of Costs

  • We clearly outline the breakdown of costs in our proposal
  • We include the cost for each section, additional revisions beyond the standard, and applicable taxes

Contracts and Agreements

  • We always put the agreed-upon pricing and project details in writing through a formal contract or agreement to avoid misunderstandings

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