Marketing Strategy & Planning


A goal without a plan is like getting lost in a never-ending detour

If you are a like many small to medium-sized businesses today, your competition is fierce, your internal marketing resources are sparse, you are overwhelmed by an endless flow of marketing opportunities and results promises that keep knocking at your door and your marketing dollars are tight. As a result, maybe your marketing has lost its FOCUS, your visual branding may be inconsistent and you've likely already exceeded your annual marketing budget.

Get back on track

Ladybird-digital helps small and medium-sized businesses strategize, plan and implement effective marketing and brand strategies, ensuring the delivery of consistent position-focused messaging and brand conventions across all channels. YOU AND YOUR CUSTOMERS WILL SEE EVERYTHING MUCH CLEARER.

We'll help clear your path in the right direction

We address negative influencers and consider limitations, we help you find the right branding and marketing opportunities, then we create a plan to sustain your marketing budget for the whole year.

We implement the right pieces, at the right time, in the right places within the constraints if your fixed budget.

Tried, tested and true

We test, measure and scrutinize new and existing marketing opportunities with the goal of getting the best value and bang for your marketing dollars.

We strongly believe that if you can’t see or measure a return from the marketing tactics that you are using, then something's not right and maybe you shouldn't be doing it.

We help you move your plan forward

Our marketing in a can solution

Wouldn't it be nice if you had a full-time marketing and brand specialist working in your company?

You can! With our Marketing In a Can Solution, you can direct all your marketing inquiries to us. We'll assess them, filter them and advise you of the best opportunities. We'll implement all the pieces so that you can concentrate on improving your products and services. And if you wish we can even present ourselves as being a representative of your company with a marketing title, company email address and business card.

All this at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. Interested? Contact us and we'll come show you how we can help you achieve greater business success.

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