Website Design


Relevant, responsive and user-friendly!

A website is a virtual doorway into the sole of your company. It’s the voice of its brand. It’s your most dedicated 24/7 sales champion. And it provides users with the ultimate reason to become a customer. So its got to be easy for users to navigate on their device of choice, and easy for a company to manage at the office or on the road.

Stable, secure, easy to use website management solution

We’ve been designing websites for more than 15 years using various CMS applications, but today our CMS of choice is ExpressionEngine. We believe EE to be the top open source CMS solution available for businesses, especially those that would rather spend their money building content than developing and maintaining code. ExpressionEngine is an incredibly flexible CMS solution with a very promising future.

As of November 2018, ExpressionEngine gave up its commercial status and became free open source CMS making it one of the best and most economical CMS applications on the market. EEV5 is available at no charge as are V3, V4 upgrade paths. Never a better time to upgrade your existing EE and never a better time to build a new EE website.

Build an online presence

Your website needs to be more than just a collection of pretty images, seductive colours, cool icons and trendy animations. You need to make sure that every web page serves a definitive goal, and that you maximise its SEO potential. And to ensure the success of your website - you need a multi-layered strategic implementation process that continuously assesses the competition, refines your position of value, reaches your customer and proves itself through documented experience and an outstanding reputation.

Promote your value

Not all businesses experience competitive pressures, in fact, we’ve had a few non-profit clients that have absolutely no competition at all. But no matter what you do, or whether you face stiff competition, your business’s value must be communicated to your customers. We help you define and communicate that value - from the customer’s perspective.

Reach your customers

Finding customers, or should we say having your customers find you is not an easy task, especially for new businesses. Every website we build is jam-packed with on-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO), relevant top-of-page content and back-end coding that meets W3C coding standards and Google best practice speed and usability standards. So when your new website is finally launched, it will stand on a strong SEO foundation that will help improve both organic page rank and pay-per-click page rank.

Establish a reputation

Consumers typically research the-heck-out everything they want to buy on the internet, they rate and rank businesses based on what they see, and what they trust - price and guarantee are big factors, but reputation is also a huge consideration. We help our clients build their online reputation by creating reputable trusted websites and by helping them create a process for customers to easily rate, review and rank their products and services.

Working with you

Building the perfect website takes time - time to plan - time to create content - time to review. We help you every step of the way and we take away the burden of writing and supplying content from you wherever possible. Launch dates help us schedule our tasks efficiently and allows us to allocate sufficient review periods for you. And although we hate to put pressure on our clients, most appreciate a polite nudge to keep everything on track.

We develop website implementation strategies that will get your new or refreshed website up and running quickly, and if budgets restrict your vision or our recommendations, we’ll build a plan that will work for you. We provide ExpressionEngine training with all new ExpressionEngine installations.

Keeping your website healthy

When we develop a website for you, our goal is to become a long-term partner, appraising you of new developments. We monitor website activity and make recommendations to help strengthen your position and improve your website rank.

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