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Companies change, partners move on, directions are redirected... it's almost inevitable. And sometimes those changes have a profound effect on many aspects of a company, including it's name and identity. Time to re-brand? Is it ever a good time to re-brand? Our re-brand story.

basic marketing plan tacticas diagram
Operating without a marketing plan can put huge stresses on a business, creating a reactive environment that prematurely depletes budgets, is difficult to document ROI, and often produces results that may be off-message.

Competitive analysis - Knowing what your competitors have to offer just makes sense. But you'd be surprised just how many companies guess and get it wrong, and it hurts! Maybe it's time to pear up?

promises, promises
Marketers like to use words like compelling and engaging to explain the underlying intent of an advertisement. Lure the customer in with a tempting offering, and then give them a reason to need your product or service.
HTML signatures in your e-mail (apple devices)
Adding a signature to your e-mail is easy, or is it? There are a couple of ways to add a signature to a e-mail application, but the results may not be what you expect.
diagram of branding touch points
As a brand strategy is pushed out by a company, it often adapts to environmental pressures that can potentially change or corrupt the desired perception of the brand.

In basic terms, a brand audit is the review in whole, or in part, of a company with respect to it's public perception to ensure the integrity of a company's purpose.
On-page font adjustment graphic

Many browsers offer the ability to zoom in and out of a page, and some even allow for the ability to set a text only zoom within the browser preferences. So why consider an on-page font-size adjuster?

illustration - if it's hard to say it, show it

Strong visuals that reinforce and support your business, marketing, sales and training objectives are great motivators that set a tone, clarify, define and do much more:

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