Transforming data into art: Steps to creating an infographic

Graphic designer icon steps to creating an infographic

The role of a graphic designer is paramount in the creation of impactful infographics. A skilled graphic designer serves as the driving force behind this transformation, ensuring that the infographic not only captures attention but also effectively conveys its intended message.

The 14 steps

This guide maps out the 14 post-quote approval steps undertaken by a graphic designer, spanning from concept to audience delivery. Throughout this journey, the designer may request further details or resources to ensure the infographic's accuracy and effectiveness.

Target symbol or a magnifying glass

Step 1
Clarify purpose & direction

The designer will begin by gathering all necessary information from the client and assessing the project's intent. This includes a project brief, in-person or remote meetings, and clarification of the client's goals and strategy.

gather all information

Step 2
Review and organize data

Review and Organize Data With the information collected, the designer will then assess and organize all relevant spreadsheets, rough graphs, and resource materials. It's essential to ensure data accuracy and credibility at this stage.

Sketch or blueprint

Step 3
Plan content & layout

The designer will organize the content into logical sections and create a rough layout to visualize how elements should be arranged. They may also establish a colour palette and artistic style to maintain a consistent look.

Colour palette and artistic brush

Step 4
Choose design style

Based on the client's branding and message, the designer will one or two design styles. They will discuss these design preferences with the client.

Wireframe sketch or grid

Step 5
Create a wireframe

Building on the wireframe from the previous step, the designer will develop a basic structure that outlines the infographic's design. This wireframe serves as a visual blueprint for the project.

Graphic design

Step 6

The designer will select placement for illustrations, icons, and images that enhance content understanding. Any materials supplied by the client will also be incorporated to maintain relevance.

Bar chart or pie chart

Step 7
Develop data visualizations

The designer will design graphs, charts, and diagrams to visually represent data, ensuring both accuracy and visual appeal. This step might involve the use of pencils and checklists to verify data accuracy.

Pencil and checklist icon

Step 8
Review & edit

The designer will review the content, design, and visuals for accuracy and consistency. They will edit the text as necessary to ensure a cohesive and professional look

client feedback icon

Step 9
Get client feedback

The designer will share a draft of the infographic with the client and incorporate any revisions based on the client's feedback. It is crucial to maintain open channels for communication and collaboration.

Refining tool or magnifying glass

Step 10
Finalize & optimize

The designer will make final adjustments to the design and content based on the client's feedback. They will ensure that the infographic meets all necessary requirements for the project's success.

Browser window or mobile device

Step 11
Prepare for web

The designer will make final adjustments to the design and content based on the client's feedback. They will ensure that the infographic meets all necessary requirements for the project's success.

File formats - jpg, pdf...

Step 12
File delivery

Upon completion, the designer will provide the client with the finalized infographic in various formats to accommodate different usage scenarios (as per quote). This may include high-resolution image files or web-optimized formats for online use.

Social media icons

Step 13:
Promote & share

While the primary responsibility for promotion lies with the client, the designer may offer suggestions for promoting and sharing the infographic on social media, encouraging audience engagement and sharing.

Invoice, payment

Step 14:
Invoicing & payment

Before final delivery, the designer will prepare an invoice for the client, detailing the agreed-upon fees and payment terms. Payment is typically expected at the time of final artwork delivery.


Our aim is to empower you with an understanding of how we'll turn data into captivating visuals. Together, we'll craft infographics that will captivate and inform your audience. Your vision and our expertise will make data speak in a language everyone will understand.

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