Elevate your online presence: A step-by-step brand audit for websites

A brand audit for a website involves evaluating various aspects to ensure consistency, effectiveness, and alignment with business goals. Here's a comprehensive list of action items along with sub-action items that you can consider:

Back-engineering your SEO is expensive! Do it RIGHT from the beginning!

fixing SERP from the start

Launching a new website can be an exciting and thrilling marketing exercise, yet many small and young companies frequently underestimate the significance of SEO from the start. Often perceived as an extravagant expense, a tedious chore, and a drain on resources, this oversight can result in missed opportunities for positive SERP placement and a decline in momentum.

Open Graph Protocol - Enhance your share links & improve your SEO

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Open Graph is a hidden metadata component that can be placed on an individual web page. It allows the website designer to control what content is in the share window when a webpage is shared. The shared content can be customized to efficiently summarize the content with an appropriate marketing message and specified photo.

SEO Tip 10 - Decoding domain link authority

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In the dynamic world of SEO, the pivotal role of domain link authority cannot be overstated. Beyond the conventional understanding of backlinks, this guide delves into the critical aspect of cultivating high-quality links for website enhancement. From brand mentions and internal links to the subtleties of anchor text, the strategic construction of a robust link profile emerges as a cornerstone for achieving and sustaining online prominence.

Brand Strength - The power of industry - Specific insights (story in progress)