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Open Graph is a hidden metadata component that can be placed on an individual web page. It allows the website designer to control what content is in the share window when a webpage is shared. The shared content can be customized to efficiently summarize the content with an appropriate marketing message and specified photo.

Not only does Open Graph help the website designer promote the page better. It makes it easier for users to share in a nice format. It is believed that Open Graph is a part of several search engines SEO criteria.

Open Graph Protocol was introduced (a series of meta tags) by Facebook several years ago. It promotes the integration between Facebook and other websites by allowing them to become rich "graph" objects with the same functionality as other Facebook objects. And now today other social media sites are taking advantage of these social media tags ( Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+, recognize Open Graph tags ) - Twitter has actually created a set of their own.

There are several Open Graph Tag options available to suit different types of media.

This is what a formatted Open Graph share looks like

open graph share window example

Setting up Open Graph tags is a relatively simple process, although Twitter and Linkedin require that you go through a Twitter card approval process, and Facebook requires a developer code. Content that is being shared should be well crafted so that it reinforces the brand, the share and it makes the sharer appear to be more professional.

Other reasons for installing Open Graph Protocol on your website pages

Creating great content and sharing, or having others share it, just makes sense. It improves the user experience and it makes the information or entertaining content (in a nice clean consistent package) available to other's so they can enjoy. And although Google and other search engines don't share their secret criteria for their algorithms, the whole philosophy behind Open Graph Protocol sounds pretty good. It's very probable that if implemented on a site, SEO Points will be rewarded.

Open graph placement is now offered seamlessly in all Ladybird-digital ExpressionEngine CMS website design and development projects.

Here's an example of what Open Graph Metatags look like:

Sample of Open Graph meta tags

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