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Ladybird-digital - the abstract idea

Companies change, partners move on, directions are redirected... it's almost inevitable. And sometimes those changes have a profound effect on many aspects of a company, including its name and identity. Time to re-brand? Is it ever a good time to re-brand? Our re-brand story.

Re-branding! Is there ever a good time? And, is it always really necessary?

Getting your head around re-branding is kind of like going to a funeral, and giving birth at the same time, it's emotionally draining. And in today’s digital world you could be giving up ground that you may never get back. Most companies that re-brand, do so with good reason, something to do with a merger, or maybe it's a fall from grace issue. There are plenty of other reasons, but I want to accentuate the extremes, good versus bad.

Speaking from experience, when the “Crang" in "Hutchins Crang" physically jumped out of the company name in 2010. My first thought was, I should re-brand! I put many hours into thinking about that idea and weighed the pros and cons. I concluded, I should not! After all, business was good, customers were happy, the on-line presence was well established, and no one seemed to care at all about the name anyhow. So I put the Hutchins Crang re-branding on the shelf, where occasionally it slid off, hitting me on the head.

As time went by, I began to see the flawed thinking that thwarted my original thought. HC's original clients seemed to be forgetting that Steve was no longer with the company, and my new customers would always ask, why Hutchins Crang? The brand was becoming awkward, and the explanation seemed to be upstaging the company’s marketing pitch.

Reluctantly, one night, late in 2012, after a couple of smooth scotch’s, I finally gave in, I decided to move forward with a name change under the condition that it mustn’t get in the way of business. A word to the wise, there’s a reason why most re-brands happen very quickly. If there’s no urgency put in place, it will take forever to happen, and the limbo cloud will prevail.

To make a long story shorter, it took just shy of 5 years to finally re-brand Hutchins Crang as Ladybird-digital. What a weight off my shoulders! A fresh, exciting new start to an old friend. Hmmm! Ladybird-digital? Now that’s another story. Read the other story


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