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Ladybird-digital - An abstract concept becomes reality

Last Updated: 2017-Apr-12

Rebranding can be a very exciting & rejuvenating process when it's the right thing to do. In our case (Hutchins Crang Marketing Group), the thought of rebranding felt like we were unwillingly fixing something that wasn't really broken.

Why we're rebranding

In 2010 the partnership of Hutchins Crang Marketing Group (founded June 2006) was exposed to US economic pressures that resulted in the resignation of Steve Crang, a principal partner in Hutchins Crang Marketing Group (USA). At the time, my first thought as founder of Hutching Crang Marketing Group (Canada) was to rebrand.

After deliberation, I concluded that a rebrand would not be in the best interest of the company! Afterall, business was good, customers were happy with our services, our online presence was well established, and it seemed fairly easy to explain away the lost partner issue. So I decided to put the Hutchins Crang rebrand on the shelf.

Where's Steve?

As time went by, Hutchins Crang's original clients were forgetting that Steve Crang was no longer with the company, new customers seemed to be confused by the name Hutchins Crang, and I was becoming frustrated by the fact that I was sharing a company with an invisible partner. So early in 2013, I decided to start thinking about transitioning Hutchins Crang into a new company name and brand that would require less explanation.

Ted Hutchins, Owner, Ladybird-digital

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