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image of male ladybird spider

Last Updated: 2017-Apr-13

Ladybird-digital - A new name, a new look, same high-quality services & support that Hutchins Crang Marketing Group clients have come to expect and trust for almost a decade.

We’re officially Ladybird-digital

October 28th, 2015, we’re excited to announce that we have officially thrown the switch, we are now Ladybird-digital. We’ll be rolling out our new look shortly.

Our new name is derived from our business street location and is combined with a word (digital) that is commonly referred to in the marketing, design and advertising services we offer.

Although in the Ottawa area a ladybug beetle is commonly known as a Ladybird, our symbolic Ladybird will be based on a rare little spider that can be found in Northern Europe and the UK. The male Ladybird spider (shown above) is more colourful than the female which is just plain grey.

Ted Hutchins, Owner, Ladybird-digital

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