Wordpress - Pros & Cons

WordPress has become the most popular website content solution, in fact, it represents more than half of all the websites out there. It's very simple to install and is offered as a easy free install by many website hosting companies - all the website owner has to do is (1) pick a template (in most cases for a cost) (2) come up with the content (3) publish it and it's done. WordPress is a excellent solution for many small businesses with basic requirements, it’s relatively easy to use, and you don’t have to be a fluent website coder to get it up and running.

Customization, however, is another issue, WordPress doesn’t always give you exactly what you want, sometimes its like to trying to fit a full-sized fridge into a small compact car, it may be doable but it diminishes the functionality of the car. Customization requires PHP back-engineering that is awkward, sometimes coding intense and potentially costly.

Knowing whether WordPress is right for you really, depends on what you want regarding implementation speed and plugin requirements. In the long run, it’s probably worth running it by someone who knows its limitations before you pounce on it as a solution.


  • Lots of templates and plugins
  • Relatively user friendly
  • Good SEO capabilities
  • High market share, lots of WP developers
  • WYSIWYG text editing and code viewing


  • Blog, not a true CMS
  • Stability and support of plugins have been an issue
  • Security has been an issue
  • PHP knowledge required
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